Fuck everyone

Tumblr is by far the most confusing social network ever. i just dont understand

There are two kinds of people in life: those that better your life and those that harm it. Choose wisely.

i love hanging out with people, but i feel like i dont get enough alone time.

I will never meet anyone like you. And i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing

We all know we all know by now that things won’t work out. No, I never really had a doubt that things would end up to be this way.

@SeanJohnsonDoe: Fact: I will never truly be satisfied. My thirst cannot be quenched.

Your money tall like Jordan? At least if you’re going to claim your money is “tall” don’t pick a basketball player who was average height for the league. Just because he was the greatest didn’t mean he was the tallest lols.

Animals love me

Animals love me